How to keep your pet fear free this New Year’s Eve

Five Top Tips to keep your pet fear free this New Year’s Eve.


  1. Identification Make sure that your pet has some form of I.D. with which you can be traced if they stray over New Years Eve. This can include a microchip and also a pet tag, preferably both.
  2. Keep pets indoors. Fireworks and other unusual noises and events can be very scary for your pet. Putting the television or radio on can help to mask the scary noises.
  3. Calming Products. If you know or feel that your pet may become anxious, please consider using a calming product to help them to relax. We stock calming products here at the practice including scientifically proven Dog Appeasing Pheromone collars and Feliway sprays and diffusers for cats.
  4. Keep the human treats away – Absolutely no chocolate or sweets!! Both can be extremely harmful to pets, possibly even leading to death, so please ensure that these are kept well out of reach of your pets.
  5. Create a Den – A little hideout like underneath a table or a hooded bed design will help your pet to feel safe and secure. It’s also an idea to give them something to distract them, i.e. a kong for dogs and a new catnip toy for cats.

Cat hiding in bag

Watch this video with our vet Orlaith highlighting how she helped her dog Fionn cope with loud unexpected noises during a thunderstorm.

Spooky Sounds A good tip from Dogs Trust Ireland is to ensure your dog is accustomed to the scary sounds of Halloween beforehand, download their Sounds Scary Booklet and instructions here

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Pet Tip - Fireworks Top Tip: Keep curtains closed, have music on and keep the dog company
How to keep your pet fear free this New Year’s Eve

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