Why you should neuter/spay your dog

The Animal Care Hospital supports Spay Aware Month.

Are you a dog owner? Are you thinking about neutering/spaying your dog?

The ISPCA have launched their annual Spay Aware public awareness campaign for June, which aims to urge pet owners to do their part by spaying or neutering their pets to help reduce the high number of unwanted cats and dogs in Ireland.

ISPCA CEO Dr Andrew Kelly said: “In nearly all cases, spaying and neutering has overwhelmingly positive benefits but it also prevents accidental litters of kittens or puppies which, can also be challenging in finding good homes. It is absolutely vital that pet owners’ play their part by spaying and neutering their pets and this will go a long way in preventing unwanted litters of puppies or kittens from being born in the first place”.

We fully support this Spay Aware campaign and are offering a free chat and pre-neuter check up to all clients to address any concerns they may have about neutering or spaying their pet.

For cat owners, please see our blog post about Why you should neuter your cat For dog owners, read on and learn the five benefits for neutering/spaying your pet.

Please see below some useful information on why you should Animal Care Hospital Douglas dog chewing on stick spay aware monthneuter/spay your dog and the benefits to your dog and other dogs if you do.

When your pet is about 5 months old, we offer a free pre neuter check-up to ensure they are fit and ready to be neutered and also to answer any questions you may have about the procedure.

This may vary depending on the size and breed of your dog, so it is important to discuss this with your vet to ensure that you arrange this at the correct time for your pet. We know there is a lot of mis-information out there about this, this is why we want to provide a free chat and pre-neuter check up to help people understand the importance and benefits of neutering spaying their pet.

Why should you spay your female dog?

Unless you are going to use your female dog for breeding purposes it is advised to get your female spayed. The recommended age for spaying your female dog is between 5 1⁄2 months and six months of age, before their first heat.

Five reasons to spay your female dog

Here are some of the reasons to spay your female dog, if you have any questions, please come and visit and talk to us and we can go through the benefits for your pet based on their breed and size.

  1. Reduces the incidence of breast cancer – The earlier the female is spayed the better. Breast cancer is a common cancer in older animals that haven’t been spayed.
  2. Reduces womb infections – can occur in older animals, they are potentially life threatening.
  3. Prevents false pregnancies – not uncommon in the female and can cause complications like mastitis.
  4. Prevents unwanted pregnancies – sometimes despite all your best efforts these can occur and complications can arise.
  5. No need for Confinement – trying to confine your pet for long periods of time while she is in heat can be a nuisance.

Please note spaying will not change your pets character. Spayed females can be inclined to gain weight but your pet will not gain weight if their exercise and food intake is adjusted. We can provide you with plenty of information about this or have a look at our blog post Tips to keep your dog healthy with the right nutrition.

Why should you neuter your male dog?

If your dog is over enthusiastic, is inclined to roam, urine marks excessively or exhibits inter- male aggresVeterinary Nurse and puppy Animal Care Hospital Douglas spay aware monthsion with other dogs it is advisable to get him castrated. Male dogs can be castrated from six months of age.

Five reasons to neuter your Dog

  1. It decreases the risk of testicular and prostrate problems later in life
  2. It will reduce his tendency to roam.
  3. It will reduce aggressiveness towards other dogs.
  4. It will stop your pet from trying to mount objects (and people).
  5. It will reduce the incidence of urine marking.

Please note castrating your dog will not make him fat and lazy, if he gets a good diet and regular exercise! We can provide lots of helpful advice on the correct level of exercise and the right nutrition for your pet and we also offer free weight clinics to our patients.

At the Animal Care Hospital, we are the only Animal Hospital in Cork to have a fear free certified veterinarian. Our vet Orlaith O’ Mahony has completed her fear free certification. We apply fear free practices to all our consults and work with you the client to ensure the patient enjoys their visit to the vet without unnecessary anxiety.

 If you would like to visit us for a free chat and pre-neuter check up, please call us on (021) 489 3033 to arrange.

Spay Aware Month List of reasons to neuter your pet.