Why you should neuter your cat

Are you a cat owner? Are you thinking about neutering your cat? Please see below some useful information on why you should neuter your cat and the benefits to your cats and other cats if you do.

When your pet is about 5 months old, we offer a free pre neuter check-up to ensure they are fit and ready to be neutered and also to answer any questions you may have about the procedure.

Why neuter your cat 

Unless you are going to use your female cat for pedigree breeding we strongly advise to have her neutered. This will stop any unwanted pregnancies

Did you know? Cats are capable of breeding up to 4 times per year and start reproducing from 5 months old. A male cat can “father” over 100 kittens a year and sadly not many of these kittens will find a good home.

With up to eight kittens per litter it means that there are huge numbers of kittens looking for homes. We work very closely with cat charities here in Cork and sadly see this every day.

When should you neuter your female cat

We recommend to spay (neuter) your female cat at 5 months of age. It is a short operation, the cat usually stays with us for the day only and the stitches are removed 10 days later. It will not alter your cat in anyway, except to eliminate unwanted kittens and reduce the likelihood of your cat contracting infections from any male cat.

This operation can be performed at any age, but if done at 5 months unwanted pregnancies and the associated risks will not occur.

Why should you neuter your male cat 

Unless you are going to use your tomcat for pedigree breeding we strongly advise to have your tomcat neutered. Here are some reasons to neuter your male cat. There is no negative aspect of getting your male cat neutered.

2 kittens at the animal care hospital Douglas


Male cats will wander far from home in search of a “partner”, therefore increasing the risk  of road accidents and the loss of your pet. Your tomcat may go for days on end. Living it rough and often not eating very well.

Cat fights

This tends to happen usually at night, leading to abscesses and infection. A lot of cat viruses are spread through cat bites, some of these viruses are life threatening.


Tomcats will mark their territory by spraying a very foul smelling urine around it. This smell is extremely difficult to eliminate. If they are neutered early in life this rarely happens!

If you would like to book your free pre-neutering check up for your pet, please call us on (021) 489 3033.