Operation Transformation

Meet Toby, a client of ours, who needed a little help to get the year off to a healthy start. Toby lost 4kg with the help of our free weight loss clinics and is now healthier than ever.

If your dog or cat is overweight, please book in to one of our free weight clinics with our veterinary nurses. At your pets free appointment, your dog/cat will be assessed and a personalised weight loss and exercise plan will be devised.

We even have some specially formulated veterinary diets that help dogs to loose weight while still feeling full, so your pet won’t be hungry and looking for treats from you. Our nurses will monitor your pets progress to ensure success.

Did you know 59% of dogs are overweight and obese and at least 39% of cats? It is important to manage your pets weight to keep them healthy, as obesity increases the chance of diabetes and can cause many health problems. If you are concerned about your pets weight, please do get in touch and we can help you at our free weight clinics.

Remember in addition to physical exercise it is important to exercise your dog’s mind – play with your pet. Games of hide-and-seek and setting problems for the dog to solve, will help prevent boredom and keep their brains active.

Call us now to book a free weight clinic for your pet, phone  021 489 3033 or email contact@animalcarehospital.ie