Pet Passports

It’s that time of year when we are all planning our holidays. Remember if you are travelling with your pet cat, dog or ferret, you need to ensure you have a valid passport. We can organise a pet passport for you here at the Animal Care Hospital.

In Ireland EU pet passports are issued by private vets to the pet owner. Entry requirements to other EU destinations and non-EU countries will differ from country to country so please check with the Embassy of the country you are travelling to for details.

If you wish you can include a photo of your pet on their passport. Please note this is optional. The photograph should be no bigger than 6cm wide and 4cm long. It should feature the pet only and show its colour and markings clearly. We can take and print the photo here at the practice for you at your pet passport appointment.

Please call us on 021 489 3033 to arrange your pets passport.

For more information on EU pet passports and specific entry requirements for different countries please refer to the Department of Agriculture and Marine website.

Passport Photo of Pal Cocker Spaniel
Pal’s Passport Photo