Cat Boarding

We have an on site cat boarding facility situated adjacent to and run by the nurses and vets of the award-winning Animal Care Hospital in Douglas. This new facility is purpose-built and equipped to provide a healthy, happy and comfortable environment for your cat while you are on holiday.

Why choose Animal Care Hospital for your cat?

  • The kennels are spacious and do not allow contact with cats from other households for health and safety reasons.

  • There is a higher shelf and port holes to different rooms within the individual kennel itself.

  • Scratching log, drinking fountain and toys provided.

  • Cats are fed twice a day or as often as is necessary. All tastes catered for.

  • We can also follow any special diet or special medication that your pet may require when supplied.

  • For the good of all our guests, only cats with current vaccination certificates are accepted. If your cats booster is due around the time of boarding this can be done with a full clinical examination from the vet.

  • A great advantage of having your cat stay with us is that if he/she should fall ill or require veterinary attention help is at hand immediately day or night.

  • We are open all year for long or short stays.

  • We at the Animal Care Hospital Douglas will provide a tranquil and relaxing stay for your cats.

If you have any questions about any of our services or you would like to book in for a consultation, get in touch!

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