Diagnostic Imaging

We have full digital radiology facilities for taking high quality diagnostic x-rays. This provides us with clear images to aid diagnosis. The digital images are stored in a database and allows us to easily send images via email to specialists if the need arises.

Our x-ray machine gets daily use as is it a vital aid in the investigation of many cases for example chest x-rays for coughing, abdominal x-rays for vomiting etc. We also regularly perform hip scores to assess suitability for breeding. Our x-rays are taken and processed at the same time and our vets will give you the results of the x-rays on the day they are performed.

Similarly we offer same day results with our ultrasound (scans) done with our new, state of the art, high quality ultrasound machine. There have been many advances in recent years in how ultrasound scans are used in both routine and emergency cases.

We are also proud to avail of the services of a veterinary specialist in ultrasonography who visits the hospital monthly to perform our more complicated ultrasounds. Typically scans carried out are of the abdomen, heart and chest.

If you have any questions about any of our services or you would like to book in for a consultation, get in touch!

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